Areas of intervention

Building acoustics is a very varied field that we master from construction to renovation. Acoustica is committed to bringing its expertise to the project of the prime contractor for all trades, from the structural work to the second work through all the technical lots.

We intervene to help you with:

Facades Acoustic insulation
Room acoustics.
Airborne noise acoustic insulation
Comfort and intelligibility of listening places.
Impact noise acoustic insulation
Noises of technical equipment.
Attenuation of technical equipment noise.

Our main fields of intervention in building acoustics:

<u>Expertise (acoustic qualification of the existing):</u></p> <p>:

  • Problem Audit.
  • Measurement of noise and acoustic indicators on site.
  • Acoustic diagnosis.
  • Expertise reports with analysis of the current situation and recommandations for improvement.

<u>Integration into the project management Team</u>:

  • Carrying out acoustic studies in the different phases (APS – APD – DCE) and for the different state departments.
  • Establishment of calculation notes and schematic formatting of acoustic solutions.
  • Site monitoring (DET – EXE).
  • Reception measures

<u>Assistance to general construction companies:</u>

  • Assistance to the company in its technical choices and during the progress of the work.
  • Establishment of calculation notes.
  • Intermediate measurements during the construction phase or on a test area for validation.
  • Validation of variants.
  • Carrying out pre-reception acoustic measurement.

Activities sectors

Acoustica intervenes for all types of buildings to comply with the current acoustic regulations, and at best to guarantee the desired acoustic comfort, while taking into account architectural, aesthetic or financial constraints and while relying on reference texts such as, HQE, LEED:

  • Housing (collective or individual).
  • Entertainment and sports areas (gyms, swimming pools, playrooms, etc.)
  • Teaching premises (from playgrounds to universities).
  • Restaurants and food courts
  • Hotels.

  • Auditoriums, ballrooms, multipurpose rooms
  • The offices.
  • Recording premises (TV and Radio)
  • Health and care premises.
  • Projection rooms and cinemas.