Wind farms are at the heart of our services
Carrying out a forecast impact study helps limit regulatory risk while optimizing wind power production.

We offer a multitude of services:

Acoustic measurements:

  • Acoustic measurement of residual noise before the installation of the park.
  • Acoustic monitoring measurement after the park is put into service.
  • The long-term monitoring campaign.

Numerical modeling in forecast study (Wind farm project)

  • Numerical modeling of the site, reception points and projected wind turbines
  • Calculation of wind turbine contributions at reception points
  • Comparison of the calculated ambient with the residual noise
  • Determination of emergences
  • Proposal of solutions for noise reduction at the source (clamping, stopping, distance, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of solutions in the form of clamping plans

Numerical modeling in follow-up study (Existing fleet)

  • Verification of the effectiveness of the clamping plans put in place in the park
  • Regular monitoring and optimization of fleet production
  • Acoustic study of machine renewal