Advanced technologies

In addition to the qualified team, Acoustica is equipped with the very latest technologies, both in software and hardware equipment to meet all of our customers expectations.

Our software allows the following calculations and analyses:

Modeling of large volume rooms.
Calculation of road noise on the building facades

Calculation of the ventilation silencers attenuation

Sound reduction index calculations

Calculs isolement

Sound insulation calculations between spaces


Sound and electroacoustic study

Calculation of vibration attenuation

Modeling of noise propagation

Calcul de l’impact du bruit de chantier sur les façades des bâtiments

Calculation of the construction noise impact on building facades

Calcul de l’impact du bruit d’un parc éolien sur l’environnement

Calculation of a wind farm noise impact on the environment

Calculation of “PEB” Noise Exposure Plans for aircraft takeoff and landing

Calcul de l’impact du bruit de chantier sur les façades des bâtiments

Calculation of outdoor activities nuisance impact on the environment

Our instruments allow the performance of the following measurements:

Acoustica has:


Class 1 sound level meters
Measuring station


Tri-axial accelerometer
Mono-axial accelerometer


Doses badges Atex

Noise source

Acoustic speaker

mesure bruit dans le batiment

Acoustic measurement in buildings


Measurement of noise levels in the environment


Measurement of vibration levels

Measurement of noise exposure levels at the workstation