Areas of intervention

Noise is a major nuisance in the workplace. In an industrial environment, noise is one of the important factors that requires continuous monitoring and periodic evaluation.

Acoustica operates in the field of industrial acoustics in order to limit the noise impact of machinery and technical equipment specific to the industry inside and outside a building and to protect workers' hearing.

We operate in ALL industrial fields:

Food industry
Oil, on-shore and off-shore
Pharmaceutical industry
Miscellaneous Industry

Our main areas of intervention in industrial acoustics:

Acoustic diagnosis:

  • Diagnosis of the places and identification of noisy sources.
  • Measurement of noise levels on site.
  • Sound mapping and acoustic characterization of workshops and equipment (analysis of noise levels and evaluation of the contribution of main sources).
  • Measurement of daily exposure to noise at work stations and assessment of workers’ exposure to noise.
  • Measurement of the spatial decrease (DL) of the workshops.

Reduction of noise levels in workshops and industrial sites:

  • Design of soundproofing solutions for noisy equipment.
  • Acoustic treatment and correction of the workshop volumes (Reverberation time, spatial decrease, …).
  • Modeling / simulations of the site (or workshop) and the proposed acoustic treatments and evaluation of their effectiveness.
  • Upgrading to standards in terms of risks of exposure to noise (labor code).
  • Choice of PICB means (individual protection against noise).
  • Training and awareness of teams and risk prevention.