Vibration studies are essential to carry out projects in the buildings as well as in industries and to avoid vibration disturbances due to the installation of technical equipment located directly above housing, tertiary spaces (office, school, hospital, etc.) or the administration of industrial sites.

Our interventions are adapted to the different phases and to the different levels of stake:

Initial state diagnosis
On-site assistance
Forecast study
Performance check after commissioning
Detailed design

Our missions in vibration study:

  • Measurement and diagnosis of vibrations in technical building equipment (GEG, air handling unit, etc.) according to international standards
  • Verification of marked tones problems inducing noise disturbances.
  • Verification of vibration levels in the building compared to normative thresholds
  • Proposal of means of vibrations attenuation

Acoustics and Vibrations

Here are some measurements of acoustic waves in various places